Key Services Required for Any New Build Annexe

Homeowners love to increase the value of their homes in 2017. A great way to do that is to invest in constructing a bespoke annexe on your property. For those that aren’t aware of what an annexe is, it is simply a additional building constructed on land that can be rented out privately or let

5 Garage Furniture Items You Need For Your Man Cave

Now there are plenty of different uses for your garage, a lot of people use them simply for storage – you would not believe the sort of things people find in their garages. Or a lot of people use them as a place to house their car, usually, people who are very wary of their

Why Double-Glazed Windows Are The Best For Your Home

Windows are critical in a house, despite them not being the most important they are one of the first things somebody sees before entering or when walking past your home. They are also the leading light portals into your home and can affect the rate that heat comes and goes into your house. Not sure

Turn your Garage into a Man Cave

Every red-blooded Englishman needs a man cave to escape the cleaning and washing up in the home for an hour, or two, and garages are much more than a car holder or a place to store unwanted junk. Even so, there are many essential items every man cave needs to transform it into a paradise

How to entertain your guests this Spring

Spring is a great time to have friends or family around, to just bask in the beautiful weather and to admire the new flowers. As we leave winter behind us, we will be stepping into a brand new and beautiful season, so why not experience it with friends and family. In England, warm weather doesn’t

How to get more Natural Light into your Home

If your home is more like a dark closet than a conservatory, and you lack a lot of Vitamin D, then have a look at our article were we give you some tips on how you can get more natural light into your home! In this article we will be covering the following topics: Using

Preventing Condensation on Conservatory Windows

It’s common knowledge that most conservatories are mostly made from glass, because of this condensation can be a major problem. Condensation may build up because the door of the conservatory is usually closed, so there is little ventilation. Condensation is normally formed because of water vapour. When warm air collides with a cold surface the

What makes a good Window?

Good windows are not just a simple glass pane and frames there are many more things that make a good window a good window. For more on ‘what makes a good window’, read on! Modern Windows As times have increased, so has our information regarding what makes a perfect window. With brand new technology and

How to Baby proof your Windows

Unless you live in a cave – which is most unlikely as we are in 2016, almost 2017 – your home should have a window. However, if you do live in a cave, I would suggest protecting you and your children from bears and gorillas outside rather than reading our new article! We must protect

Advantages of Casement Windows

Casement Windows are a popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. They can be installed as a standalone or side by side with other casement windows, and either is said to look beautiful. To find out more about Casement windows as well as the ‘Advantages of Casement Windows’, read on! Variety and Design Casement Windows