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There is a bit of a misconception that uPVC windows are flimsy, cheap and generally inferior to other window materials available. This was true of the past, however, nowadays uPVC proves itself to offer excellent durability and thermal efficiency qualities. If you are still in doubt about the performance of this material, then we have composed a list of the benefits of uPVC windows and why you should now reconsider installing them into your home.

The Benefits of uPVC Windows: What is uPVC?

uPVC or PVCu stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and is a form of plastic. It possesses non-flexible, sturdy and durable qualities and can be alternatively known as ‘Rigid PVC’. It can be made softer, though, with the addition of plasticisers and is generally used in the making of pipes. This is known as PVC and is not a material used for making windows frames. We will now run through the many advantages of replacing your existing windows with modern-day uPVC frames. baby fairy next to wide window

1. Rot Resistant

Unlike wooden window frames, uPVC will not rot, warp and is resistant to corrosion. This means they have a much longer life service and are guaranteed to last at least 20 years. However, this does depend partly on how well fitted your windows were initially, so make sure to choose a reliable fitter when replacing your windows in Milton Keynes. uPVC is also resistant to salt erosion, making them the ideal solution for coastal properties. Even in the harshest of weather conditions, your uPVC window frames are certified not to rot, warp or rust.

2. Low Maintenance

Because of uPVC’s inability to rot, flake, warp or rust, you will find that this window frame material requires a lot less maintenance. The frames will not need to be re-painted, treated or re-sealed over the course of their lifetime and can easily be cleaned every so often with water and fairy liquid. This is something you have to consider if opting for hardwood window frames which do require re-painting and re-treating every three years. However, uPVC windows claim almost no-upkeep due to the durable properties of the material and are guaranteed not to discolour over time.

3. Reduced Costs

When compared with the alternative of either aluminium, hardwood or uPVC, uPVC frames are in fact the most inexpensive option. Costs may depend on the level of quality, additional features, and installation, but overall you can expect a much more affordable price for your window frames. Not only is the initial cost of procurement cheaper, but throughout their entire life-cycle. You can also expect to benefit from an improved value of your property following the installation of uPVC windows. The original cost of these frames is later compensated by the reduction in your heating bills. Which leads me to my next point; thermal efficiency.

4. Thermal Efficiency

uPVC offers excellent thermal insulation properties, particularly when combined with either double or triple glazing. Due to the non-conductive nature of this material, heat will not transfer through the frames ensuring a more constant internal temperature. uPVC frames will also eliminate the presence of draughs in your home and help your property to retain its heat. Costs when it comes to air conditioning and heating your home will be significantly reduced. Architects are increasingly requesting commercial and domestic properties to be fitted with uPVC windows and doors so that energy saving targets can be met.

5. Acoustic Insulation

The combination of double glazed glass and uPVC window frames is able to reduce noise pollution by as much as 70%. The material’s multi-chambered design means they can effectively filter out unwanted noise. This style, therefore, makes for the ideal window frame for properties in cities, highly built-up areas or close to main roads and railways. Surround your home in a noise-free bubble with the addition of uPVC windows.

6. High Security

New uPVC windows incorporate multi-locking systems that provide a high level of security for your home and make breaking-in extremely difficult. Although it is a universally recognised fact that aluminium windows provide the highest level of security, uPVC window frames aren’t far behind. To further increase the security of your home, uPVC frames can be fitted with shoot bolts, security hinges, lockable ventilation and internal glazing beads. uPVC frames are the more affordable alternative to aluminium windows but still ensures your home is of the highest safety standards.

7. 100% Recyclable

Due to the unique structure of uPVC, it is fully capable of being recycled once it reaches the end of its life. The PVC content is produced into granules through a shredding and treating process, allowing it to be recycled up to seven times. The fact uPVC is 100% recyclable makes this type of window frame material a lot more desirable to domestic and commercial property owners nowadays. This quality of uPVC helps to save energy, reduce pollution levels and is more salubrious for our environment.

8. Variety of Styles and Colours

uPVC window frames used to be limited to just one colour, white. However, this is no longer the case, and uPVC comes in a range of on-trend colours. The demand for anthracite grey window frames has become increasingly popular in recent years and suits a contemporary looking property flawlessly. If you are considering installing traditional wooden window frames because of their timeless qualities, then you can alternatively opt for uPVC frames but with a wood grain finish. You can also choose from a wide range of window styles including sash, casement and tilt and turn which are all available from specific suppliers in modern uPVC. Both casement and sash style windows are ideal for traditional properties and designed to preserve your home’s historic charm. sash window and flowers


If you have ever overlooked the importance of uPVC windows, then hopefully this article has helped you to reconsider. There is an abundance of benefits of modern-day uPVC that makes for the ideal window frame. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and installer of windows in Milton Keynes, then get in touch with Click Glazing today.
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