What makes a good Window?

Good windows are not just a simple glass pane and frames there are many more things that make a good window a good window. For more on ‘what makes a good window’, read on! Modern Windows As times have increased, so has our information regarding what makes a perfect window. With brand new technology and

How to Baby proof your Windows

Unless you live in a cave – which is most unlikely as we are in 2016, almost 2017 – your home should have a window. However, if you do live in a cave, I would suggest protecting you and your children from bears and gorillas outside rather than reading our new article! We must protect

Advantages of Casement Windows

Casement Windows are a popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. They can be installed as a standalone or side by side with other casement windows, and either is said to look beautiful. To find out more about Casement windows as well as the ‘Advantages of Casement Windows’, read on! Variety and Design Casement Windows

Benefits of replacing your Door

You can do a lot to upgrade the appearance of your door such as painting or decorating. However, nothing is better than getting a brand new door to fit the aesthetics of the exterior of your home. Replacing your door is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to make a lasting impression, it

Benefits of Having a Conservatories

Conservatories are much more than extra space, it is added value and added rest of mind and much more! If you are considering adding a conservatory to your home but questioning if it is worth the price or hard work, if you need that little push then read our article ‘Benefits of having a Conservatory’,

Difference Between a Bad and a Good Contractor

There are many contractors out there all prepared to provide a service, but knowing if their services are legit is very important. However, it’s hard to tell if a contractor is authorised or not can be hard, this is because bad contractors can act like good contractors but soon their true intentions are revealed far

How to find the best double glazing company

Getting the most out of your money is always a satisfying feeling, and spending money on double glazing is no exception. However a lot of companies all vow that they have the best double glazing out there, but who’s telling the truth? So in this article there are some tips on how to find the

How to Maintain your Out-Building?

Out Buildings require just as much care and maintenance as what your home needs, like your home the last thing you want is your out building to look over used, rusted and un-kept. Our team have created this week’s article on the topic of ‘How to maintain your Out-Building?’ Take a look at our top

The Benefits of Having Double Glazing

Double Glazing windows are becoming increasingly popular for both traditional and modern homes, during this week’s article our team are discussing ‘the benefits of having double glazing’ and why so many people are deciding it’s the right time to invest in them for their home. The Benefits of Double Glazing There are so many different

How to Choose the Perfect Conservatory?

Choosing the right Conservatory for your home is always tricky, knowing what suits the interior and trying to find something which is practical and stylish for your home. That is why for this week’s article, our team have come together to discuss ‘How to Choose the Perfect Conservatory?’ Take a look below to find out