Too often than not, we focus mainly on the interior of our home and neglect both the appearance and condition of our property’s exterior. Renovating the exterior of your home is not always the most simplistic of tasks and can be a considerable monetary investment. However, it is necessary if you are looking to increase the value of your home. Improving your home’s exterior not only helps to boost the property’s saleability but is also necessary to ensure it weathers effectively. Preserving the condition of your home’s exterior is guaranteed to save you money in the long run. If you are looking to renovate on a budget, then we have compiled a list of just some of the ways you can still improve and enhance your house exterior.

Tips on improving your house exterior

Setting your budget before committing yourself to make any huge alterations to your home is essential. You need to work out to what extent you can afford to renovate your home. Several renovation projects are likely to cost considerably more than others. Luckily though, we have thought of several different ways to do so on both ends of the affordability spectrum. If you are looking to carry out smaller projects that will still improve the look and condition of your home, then replacing your doors and cleaning your windows are effective methods. If, however, you can afford to make more significant changes to your home, then replacing your windows altogether and updating the look of your driveway are both just some of the more notable alternatives. front door

Replace the doors

Replacing your front door will be the more noticeable development in improving your home, however, restoring other external doors can also have an impact. If you start by replacing your main door which is likely to be used and seen most often, then you can then move onto replacing other additional doors. You could consider having patio doors fitted into your home, especially if you use your garden regularly. French and bifold doors are also both great ways of increasing the amount of light that is let into your home. When you are looking into purchasing new doors, it is always best to opt for quality rather than affordability. The more you spend on a good quality door, the more likely it is to provide you with a long service life. You will also want to research into the types of security features that the door you have chosen comes with. If you have young children or pets and you live on a busy road, then ensuring your door has a good quality multipoint locking system is essential. You will also need to look into the different types of material you can choose to have your door made from. uPVC is becoming increasingly more popular, but based on the style and age of your property, plastic doors may not suit your home. Alternatively, you could always look into the addition of a bespoke hardwood front door, guaranteed to last you years and provide high aesthetically pleasing qualities. If you need further advice on how to choose a new front door, take a read of this article. windows

Clean or replace your windows

One of these options is far cheaper than the other. Simply cleaning both the glass and the frames of your windows is an easy way of improving the condition and look of your windows. uPVC window frames are extremely straightforward to clean and can be massively improved following a tidy up. However, wooden window frames can be more demanding when it comes to maintenance. It is suggested to either stain or repaint the frames of your wooden windows once a year to preserve the condition of the wood. This is a time-consuming task but is rewarding in the end. If you are looking for a step by step process on how to successfully repaint your current timber window frames, take a read of this guide. If, however, you feel your existing windows are slightly beyond simply cleaning or repairing, then it may be worth investing in new windows altogether. This provides you with the freedom to opt for a new design, size and material. You could also look into updating your current glazing situation. Updating your windows offers the perfect opportunity to install triple or double glazing in Milton Keynes into your home. This is guaranteed to improve the thermal efficiency of your home and help to cut back on heating bills in the winter. driveway

Restore your driveway

If your driveway is the first thing you come across when accessing your home, then it’s clear it is a significant aspect in the appearance of your home as a whole. Therefore, it is worth maintaining the condition and look of it. If there is minimal gravel on the drive then you may want to consider having this refurbished. Look into a professional to do this for you to achieve the best possible results. If you have a garage, then it may be worth repainting the external door. You should aim to match this to the colour of your home’s windows. If you can do so, then it will look in keeping with the rest of your property’s exterior. Furthermore, if you have view-obstructing trees or hedges on your drive that are starting to look overgrown, then it is worth doing something about this. Taking down large trees in your front driveway will not only improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, but it will also help to increase the amount of natural light entering your front rooms. Having your front hedges trimmed back is also an effective way of increasing the attractability of your home.


These are just a few ways you can help improve the look of your home’s exterior whilst on a budget. We suggest starting off by making smaller alterations to your home and gradually increase the scale of renovations and changes you make. If you have found this article to be beneficial, then please feel free to share it on your social media.
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