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There are a number of ways which make converting a garage into a home fairly easy. By expanding space or creating new rooms, you can transform your neglected garage into your new favourite place. We have devised a list of nine great ways to make your garage part of the home.

How to start converting a garage into a home

Before planning a conversion, it is best to take a step back and analysing the space that you’re working with. Can your garage be split into multiple rooms or would it work best as one large room? This is the first major question to be answered before designing your extended home.

If you plan to convert your garage into a separate living space to accommodate lodgers, you will need to inform your local council. Any building such as walls or changes to the house architecture will have to be performed by professional builders to ensure that your home follows safety regulations. Click Glazing has experience in a variety of garage conversions Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, so if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give one of the specialists a call.

So, to help you make a decision, we have come up with our eight favourite ways to convert your garage into a home.

1. Redesign the layout of your home

For those of you with garages that are attached to the house, converting it into an extension is the perfect way to create more space in your home without overspending. Remove the wall between your home and the garage to create an open plan effect. This will allow light to travel through your home and make it feel more spacious.

There are a variety of different things that you could do with this new open-plan space. Converting your garage into the living room will give you an extra room in the house to transform into a functional space, such as another bedroom. Another way to create more room within the house is to convert the garage into a kitchen. By choosing to convert your garage into a kitchen, you will be able to redesign your new spacious kitchen to function to your families needs. Converting your garage into a kitchen can also add value onto your house, this is because you will be able to convert your old kitchen into another room, extending the house and its value.

With a new open-plan home, light becomes essential as it disperses through the house, making it feel brighter and bigger. Natural sunlight will make your home feel less claustrophobic, making it a brilliant natural and cost-effective tool for a bigger home. Bi folding doors leading out to a garden is a great way of utilising sunlight. The floor to ceiling glass windows on the doors will allow as much sunlight as possible to be transported across the room and throughout the house. Not only are they functional, they also give the home a clean and modern look.

2. Multiple small rooms

Depending on the size of your garage, there may be a possibility to convert it into multiple smaller rooms. Putting walls up in the garage will divide the space for your selection of rooms. Some ideas for small rooms could include:

  • An office
  • A small bathroom
  • Utility room
  • Small library
  • Small bedroom
  • Storage room

Placing an office or the bedroom at the front of the garage will allow you to place a large window for light to make the room feel bigger. For more privacy or to utilise space better, sun windows are the perfect way to generate solar heating and ventilation without compromising on space. The natural lighting through sun windows can keep costs low on lighting and heating, making it perfect for those on a tight budget.

Garages already have some foundations which therefore limits the construction work needed for converting a mini home into the garage. Electrical supplies are usually already fitted in garages, making major structural changes unlikely. Converting the garage into multiple rooms also means that you will not be using the garden space.

3. Fun and games

Sometimes, you come home from work and want your own quiet space to relax in. So why not give the kids their own area to enjoy themselves separately? Keep the mess in one place by converting the garage into a playroom with storage facilities to accommodate all those toys and games. Place child-safe storage around all the walls with bean bags in the centre to ensure that your children have a fun, comfortable and safe experience.

To make sure that your living room remains an adult space, install a television in the new playroom. This will make sure that your children can watch their programmes in the playroom, while you watch yours in the peace and quiet of your living room.

It is important to make sure that the playroom is well ventilated and that fresh air is accessible. To do this, you could add bi-folding doors so that children can also access the garden. For a more controlled environment, place high windows out of reach from children.

4. Spare bedroom

When there is no room left in the house, a spare bedroom is ideal to ensure that your guests are comfortable. A converted garage beautifully decorated with your touch can make your guests feel at home. It also provides your guests with a private location without feeling completely excluded from the family home.

If you are lucky enough to have a large space, why not squeeze in a small bathroom and possibly even a shower to make your guests feel extra comfortable. Don’t be worried about size when adding a bathroom to your conversion, simply add a large window that brings in natural sunlight to give the illusion of a bigger room.

5. Garage workout

With gym memberships costing an extortionate amount of your monthly earnings, converting your garage into a gym is the perfect way to cut costs. We have seen a growing interest in our clients fitting gyms in their homes, so our experience in redesigning a garage to suit a clients workout needs can help you decide whether this is the option for you.

The garage tends to be a wasted use of a large space, so instead of using valuable space within the house, your unused garage can be converted into a private and spacious gym. Turn that dark and gloomy room into a bright and energetic area that gives you motivation.

Depending on your style, your garage can be transformed through a coat of paint. To save money and time, garages tend to have little insulation and the bricks are visible from the inside. This leaves you with two options, insulate your garage and plaster the wall, making it easier to decorate. If you are looking for a more rustic and urban look to your new gym, leave the bricks visible and paint over them. Painting your garage white will make it feel bigger and brighter before any windows or light has been fitted.

Although leaving the brick visible will mean that there is little insulation in your garage, this will keep the room cool and therefore make it a comfortable environment to work out in. For ideas and inspiration on ways to decorate your garage with visible brick walls, take a look at Home Lovr’s blog. Not insulation your garage will also save money for other fittings such as windows that will help with ventilation. Install a wide opening window to your converted gym to allow fresh air to circulate, or even have bi folded doors fitted so that you have the beautiful view of your garden. The light from the windows or doors will reflect off the white walls, leaving you with the opportunity to enjoy natural light rather than costly fitted lights.

If you have enough room in your garage, why not fit a shower in the back of the room. This will make sure that your gym is kept completely separate from your home. By converting your garage into a gym and wet room, you can enjoy a work out without those monthly gym subscriptions weighting you done.

6. The ideal small home

Depending on the amount of space that you have to work with, there may be a possibility that you can transform your garage into a beautiful living space for family members, guests or even residents. Converting your garage into an annexe will allow you to provide a separate living space without disconnecting your new creation form the rest of the home.

Include a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen and even a living room, making it a perfect small home. Add sun windows to make sure that there is natural light passing through the annexe. Treat your guests to bi folding doors so that they have access to the garden. These doors will also provide natural sunlight through all the rooms when designed correctly. Natural light is important in an annexe as it makes feel spacious, ging the illusion that the small home is bigger and less cramped.

Before converting your garage into a small home, you will need permission from your local council on any architectural changes. If you plan on you will also need to inform your council for legal reasons.

7. On the big screen

A garage conversion does not have to just be an extension of rooms. Treat yourself to a bespoke cinema room and fit it with all those luxury items that you deserve.

Design your cinema room to suit you and your style, from comfortable seating to decorative lighting. Place luxurious leather seating with pull out armchairs for maximum comfort. Having dim lighting fitted so that you can set the mood for family fun or a romantic night in.

With technology continuously progressing, why not install a projector and screen into your newly converted garage. The screen can be pulled over windows to hide lighting as you watch your favourite films. By having a projector screen, you can convert your garage into a multi-functioning room. Pull the screen down for movie night and put it back up for a day time living room.

8. Entertainment

Garages do not have to be a place to store your gardening tools, create a new and exciting place for your and friends to chill out and relax. Treat yourself to an entertainment room fitted with all your favourite games or entertain guests with a fitted bar. Place a pool or football table in the centre of the room and surround it with homely decorations to keep it in style with the rest of the home. For a more rustic and comfortable feel to the room, keep the bricks visible and colours dark.

To make your entertainment room inviting for all your guests, place a bar in the corner of the room with stylish and comfortable stalls to match. Refreshments and snacks are a great way to keep guests happy while you enjoy a night of fun and games. Adding a cocktail section will give you an excuse to show off your bartending skills and have fun experimenting with flavours.

For a more elegant approach to your entertainment room, fit in a dining room table to serve your guests food and drinks. Place a large chandelier above the table to create a statement piece and brighten up the room. Install speakers in the corners of the room to play music while you entertain.

What will you convert your garage into?

As you can imagine, converting a garage so that it becomes part of the home comes with a lot of detailed planning. Fixtures, windows, lighting and much more are all part of making a functional room. Before you decide on what you want to convert your garage into, speak to one of our specialists about possibilities for garage conversions Ampthill. Talk to a professional about the realistic expectations of space and time when it comes to garage conversions. With examples of garage conversions Banbury and garage conversions Harpenden, we can ensure you that converting your garage is an excellent use of wasted space.

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