Spring is a great time to have friends or family around, to just bask in the beautiful weather and to admire the new flowers.As we leave winter behind us, we will be stepping into a brand new and beautiful season, so why not experience it with friends and family. In England, warm weather doesn’t come around often, so when it does, it’s best to make the most of it.

How can you entertain your guests in spring?

There are many small gatherings you can have to gather all of your friends and family together. From coffee mornings to picnics, there are many ways you can take advantage of the season and spend it with friends and family. If you want to find out ‘How to entertain your guests this Spring‘, read on!

#1 Make the most out of your Conservatory and Garden

If you have a conservatory then why not make good use of it this spring.You and your guests could relax and chat in the conservatory while watching the kids play outside in the garden. A BBQ might be a far cry so serving light snacks like sandwiches, or canap├ęs and refreshing drinks like fruit cocktails and juice will be perfect for you and your guests to eat.If you don’t have a conservatory, and you want one, why not talk to use here at Click Glazing. We offer the best advice on Conservatories in Milton Keynes and direct you to the best company for the job.

#2 Book Club

Spring is a great time to start a book club. If you’re a bookworm or not, discussing books with your friends sound like great fun, and not to mention a great way to pass the time.Reading with friends can also encourage you to read more, gathering around with a cup of coffee and homemade cupcakes, you can impress your friends and/or guests with your baking skills as well as your knowledge about literature.

Women in a book club

#3 Easter Egg Hunt

With schools usually breaking up during spring because of Easter, you can use this time to have an Easter egg hunt! The amazing things about Easter egg hunts are that both the adults and children can find it equally as fun.It’s a great way to make use of your garden and have fun at the same time!

Easter Egg Hunt

#4 Spring Clean your wardrobe

During spring, people usually have a spring clean, so why not refresh your wardrobe.This activity is great to do with friends who love your style and want your clothes. You can switch up and exchange clothes with your friends.There is nothing better that updating your wardrobe especially when it means making way for brand new trends. You and your friends could even gather up the clothes you don’t want anymore and donate it to charity!

Woman with clothes in wardrobe

#5 Picnics

You can also make use of your garden by having a lovely picnic with your family and friends. A garden is an amazing place to have a picnic because it’s a place you’re familiar with it, family and friends will not have trouble finding you, you have a kitchen nearby so you can prepare quick snacks right in your home, and finally everyone is close by so you can keep a close eye on the kids, so they don’t wonder away!

Picnic in the Garden

Quick Recap…

There are many ways you can take advantage of the spring time and spend it with family and friends. We hope our article has given you some useful tips!Have a lovely spring!
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