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If your home is more like a dark closet than a conservatory, and you lack a lot of Vitamin D, then have a look at our article were we give you some tips on how you can get more natural light into your home! In this article we will be covering the following topics:

  • Using Mirrors
  • Getting Extra Windows
  • Cleaning

What Natural Light can do

I bet your wondering ‘What is the point of Natural Light’, well there is a lot that natural light can do for you, including;

  • Producing energy savings
  • Helping people be more productive
  • Having less strain on the eyes
  • Preventing Depression
  • Making a room look larger
All in all, there are many benefits of natural light, so for more on ‘How to get more Natural Light into your Home’, read our article!

Using Mirrors

If you have a narrow space in your home and you want to make it look bigger use mirrors! To do this, put mirrors near the windows, so on a bright sunny day, the light will just reflect off the windows and bounce around the room, giving the impression of a much larger and brighter space.

Mirrors in House

Getting Extra Windows

No one wants a dark box for a home, and getting more windows will definitely make your home feel airier and look much larger. Using anything that incorporates glass besides a window, such as French Doors and Conservatories can also have the same effect. Here at Click Glazing, we offer our Conservatories in Milton Keynes, along with our Double Glazing in Milton Keynes as well as other surrounding areas, to give your home that little boost of natural light it deserves.


This is an obvious one, but nonetheless, we should talk about it. The cleaner your windows are then the more natural light enters, it’s that simple. So ensure you clean your windows regularly, so you get that much needed Vitamin D.

Woman cleaning Window

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