Now there are plenty of different uses for your garage, a lot of people use them simply for storage – you would not believe the sort of things people find in their garages. Or a lot of people use them as a place to house their car, usually, people who are very wary of their vehicle or people who don’t necessarily have out front parking.A lot of individuals use their garages for personal space and invest in a garage conversion to transform their garage into a place for specifically them, or perhaps something like a workshop. But with conversions like these you are going to need some stylish garage furniture.

Is There Such Thing As Garage Furniture?

Of course, there is, you can have whatever you want in your garage. If you really wanted you could even convert it into another bedroom to save the hassle of getting your home extended.A lot of people use their garage to convert it into a “man cave” so we are going to give you some of the best furniture you could possibly imagine that you can use to decorate your man cave.So first thing is first – the planning begins. You need to know exactly what you want in your man cave, do you want a television? Do you want a gigantic sofa for evening resting, or perhaps a pool table to pass the time on those empty weekends. Whatever you decide on you need garage furniture to go with it if you’re going to be converting your garage into a man cave.Think of storage, although that’s not its purpose just like every other room in your house you need a place to store items. So how will you decorate your garage conversion? We have some of the best garage furniture listed for you below – so keep reading!

The Glowing Drum Coffee Table

We found this on Etsy, although it may not look like a coffee table – in fact, it looks like a glowing drum it could add a unique twist to your man cave.The glowing drum coffee table is inspired by a funky modern styling and is a fantastic form of furniture that can help people express their style. The drum has a remote that allows you to choose from hundreds of colour options, including things like strobe and fade which make it the perfect accessory for any occasion.The item is handcrafted meaning that it is most likely one of a kind, and that is completely original which would make your man cave unique. Try to decorate your man cave with quirky items you find online, or old things from your childhood that make you reminisce.The whole point of a man cave is to fill it with things you like and enjoy so pick up some of the weirdest garage furniture you can find – this glowing drum is a perfect example.Picture watching a film at night with your hot drink balanced on top of a glowing drum barrel; people will love it and want one of their own.

The Bike Bar Stool

Step your interior design skills up a gear with this quirky bar stool, perfect for an evening with friends at the bar. This stool is quite literally a bike seat that have been picked from old bikes.These are also handmade making them original and authentic, the bottoms of the stools are created out of round bike tyres to add extra balance and support. Rest your feet after a hard day on the pedals of an old vintage bicycle transformed into a foot rest.These seats will make you feel like your on your youthful paper round again riding through your old neighbourhood – the perfect accessory for a man cave!bike bar stool Available At Smithers Of Stamford LTD

Cotton Hanging Chair

If you know you aren’t going to be sleeping in your man cave, then don’t waste money buying a new bed and all the accessories, invest in something cheaper that you can use when you feel like a quiet nap.What about a hanging chair? These are typically stationed in gardens, but they’ve now been designed to be installed inside of homes!At the low price of £13.99 this is a purchase that you will use over and over, add a few pillows and blankets, and you could sleep in this hanging chair for hours on end.It’s also available in blue so either can team fantastically with your man cave – don’t have a man cave yet? Not to worry we offer garage conversions in Milton Keynes, so can help you get your man cave up and running without any hassle!

Beer Bottle Chandelier

If you’re a fan of your drink then this is one for you, the beer bottle chandelier allows you to add bottles of your favourite alcoholic beverage and use it as a chandelier.It is viable with wine bottles, liquor bottles and beer bottles so no matter what your preference of drink may be it’s suitable for you.This beer bottle chandelier was also found on Etsy – it also gives you an excuse to drink your favourite alcoholic drink, so its a win-win.beer bottle chandlier Available At BigSwigDesign Etsy

Man Cave Rules Plaque

What is a man cave without a sign on the door that announces it’s a man cave and that there are certain rules to be abided when inside? Warn off any peeking eyes that you may not want inside your man cave or at least lay down the law to them.This plaque we found has a numbered list of rules that apply upon entering your man cave; they’re all intended to be jokes and can be displayed to show your humorous side.The sign is easy to hang and works well with an authentic based design.


So there you have some of the best garage furniture around that you can use to decorate your man cave. The purpose of a man cave is to spend time by yourself away from everyone else; it should be filled with things that you enjoy.If you don’t already have a man cave then you can have one now, with our garage conversions in Ampthill we can transform your garage into the room of your dreams, take a look at our services for more information!We hope you enjoyed this article and if you did – why not share on Facebook or Twitter?
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