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Whether you have just moved into a new property, or you haven’t changed your windows since moving in all those years ago, it may be time to start thinking about window replacement. While your windows may look structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, it does not mean that they will be providing you with sufficient insulation. This means that you will no longer be able to reap the benefits of your double glazing or the new and improved window materials such as the popular uPVC. There are several signs you need new windows that can easily be noticed or looked out for, so gathering a better understanding of what these may be and how to prevent them or repair them, can provide you with a comfortable home.

Signs You Need New Windows: Things to Look Out For

The main culprits for causing draughts in your home are your windows and doors, and if either of these are not fitted correctly, damaged or worn down from years of use, then it is likely they’ll be letting in large amounts of cold air. Although both windows and doors can contribute to an increase in cold air in your home, doors are often more resistant to the development of draughts than windows. Therefore, it’s crucial that your windows are not only insulated with double glazing but that they’re also in safe working order before they begin to affect your energy bills. While this does not always mean that your windows need replacement straight away, it is a good indication that there may be something wrong with your windows, and they could need replacement within the next few years to come.

So if you are not sure whether or not your windows need replacing then take a look at the common signs of deteriorating windows:

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Decaying Frames & Leaking Windows

This is the most obvious indication that you will require new windows. If your property is fitted with wooden window frames and they are regularly exposed to high levels of moisture, then they are much more likely to decay quicker. It is worth having your timber frames replaced with a more modern, durable alternatives, such as uPVC, which boasts high thermal insulation and durable qualities. They are also far less expensive to install and maintain, making them an affordable and easy option for window replacement. Not only this, but with the array of colours and finishes available with uPVC windows, it’s easy to find the perfect match to your existing windows.

If your windows are leaking, then this will be due to poor insulation or failed sealing. If you are on a budget, then repairing the failed sealing is an option, and you can find out more about how to do this on The Spruce. However, by fixing the seals, you will only be fixing the problem on a temporary basis, which may not be sufficient enough when it comes to the winter months. The most effective way to ensure your windows no longer leak is to replace them altogether.

Your Windows No Longer Lock Properly

Not only is your window’s broken lock mechanism a safety breach, but it could also be costing you money. It’s essential that the windows of your home are locked to prevent easy access to intruders and burglars. Moreover, the majority of locking mechanisms in windows have a built-in device that when locked, works with your windows the keep cold air out. By not locking your windows, you are not only putting yourself, home and family in danger, but also allowing cold air to enter your property. This will be contributing to the presence of draughts in your home. If you want to test whether your windows are causing draughts, then we would advise completing the candlelight test. Light a candle and slowly move it around the edges of your window; if the flame flickers or if the smoke produced by your candle is blown in the opposite direction then your windows are letting in draughts.

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You Can Feel A Draught

If, when you wake up in the morning, your whole room is unusually cold, then there could be something wrong with the thermal performance of your windows. Even if you have the heating on, the lack of insulation from your windows can overpower your heating systems and cool down your entire room; this wastes a lot of money on your energy bills. To improve the insulation of your windows, you will either need to fix the problem or replace your windows. If you do happen to go down the route of replacing your windows, then we would highly recommend installing double glazing. Double glazing can offer you an additional layer of protection and insulation as the two panes of glass minimise heat escaping and cold air seeping in. If you are interested in double glazing in Milton Keynes or double glazing in Buckingham, then our team are more than happy to take you through our range of window designs and styles.

You Require Extra Window Insulation

There is nothing wrong with giving your windows extra insulation with window insulation film or rubber weather sealant. But when you have to do it every year, it is not only time consuming, but costs extra money and doesn’t work as well as double glazing. Hair drying window insulation film is a long and irritating process that can leave bubbles on your windows and make the transparency of your windows appear clouded. You can use these effective insulation methods on newly fitted windows for extra insulation, but if you’re applying these to single glazed windows in an attempt to better their insulation properties, then you may not notice the benefits quite as much. Investing in new windows in Milton Keynes will save you money in the long run while also helping you to keep up with appearances.

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Increasing Energy Bills

If you regularly inspect your energy bills and have noticed an unexpected spike in the amount of energy you’re using, then this is an indication your home is requiring more heat to maintain a comfortable temperature. When your windows are not insulating your home correctly, dependant on the severity and age of your windows, then it can make a massive difference to your energy bills. In fact, according to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing your windows to double glazing can save you as much as £210 a year on your energy bills. If you are working on a budget, then you can choose the energy efficiency that you opt for. The lower the energy efficiency, the cheaper the window becomes; however, we would always advise that you install windows of no less than a C rating to ensure you can reap the full benefits.

Condensation On Windows

If you notice in the mornings that your windows are foggy and cold to the touch, then this is also a sign that something could be wrong. Misted and cold windows are an obvious indication that your windows are not performing effectively. It shows that your windows are not functioning as an adequate barrier from the cold outside, causing the cold air to form condensation on your windows. During the winter, when the air outside is much cooler than the air inside, the windows become cooler too. When the air inside comes into contact with the windows, it cools down and leaves moisture on the window panes in the form of condensation or fog. This is not only inconvenient and can cause discomfort in your home during the colder months, but it can also cause severe damage to the window frames. As the water droplets fall onto the window frame, it causes the material to warp, rust or mould, which not only looks unappealing, but it can also cause health issues. To overcome this issue, installing double glazing is considered the most effective method of eliminating fog. The inside pane of double glazed windows will not conduct as much heat, preventing it from getting as cold.

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Change In Appearance

One of the most noticeable signs that your windows will require replacement is that the window frame begins to lose its colour; this is particularly the case when it comes to uPVC windows. While uPVC windows boast exceptional quality, reliability and durability, then can, over a long period of time, begin to fade in colour; this may be more noticeable if you have a bright coloured window frame such as red. The reason this happens is because the sun starts to bleach the window frame, causing what was a brightly coloured window to become faded and discoloured in appearance. This can have a dramatic impact on how your home looks, and is one of the main reasons our clients wish to replace their windows.

Faded windows can make your home look unkempt and outdated, which can not only be disheartening when you’re a house proud individual, but it can also affect the value of your property. Nowadays, many homeowners are looking for properties that they will have to do little to the house when they move in, and those with old looking windows can deter potential buyers. In fact, according to Home Light, window replacement is one of the most common reasons buyers will avoid putting an offer on a home. You can find more ways to improve the value of your home by taking a look at Property Price Advice’s article.

Warping Or Cracking Window Frames

Another visible sign that your windows have become old and tired is when you can visibly see warping and cracking of the windows. This sign is more common in windows with timber or wooden frames, as the rain seeps into the cracks and can expand in the winter as it freezes. You can avoid this by frequently maintaining your windows through regular cleaning. However, unfortunately, this will protect the windows for a short period of time, and as soon as a small crack appears in the frame, you are likely to experience further damage. After a while, the window will become unfunctional, and in many instances it becomes hard or impossible to open, causing window replacement to be the only viable option.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Ineffective windows can cause a whole host of issues, from discomfort to increasing bills. Being able to identify the signs of failing windows can help you to acknowledge whether it may be time to replace them. If you are still unsure about whether it is time to replace your windows, or would like to know more about the range of options available, please feel free to speak with our team. Click Glazing has years of experience in providing windows in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, so can help you to design and install windows that can provide you with a durable and long-lasting solution.

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