Shady Man Putting Money In His Pocket
There are many contractors out there all prepared to provide a service, but knowing if their services are legit is very important. However, it’s hard to tell if a contractor is authorised or not can be hard, this is because bad contractors can act like good contractors but soon their true intentions are revealed far too late. So, if you want to know the ‘Difference between a bad and a good Contractor‘, then read on.


Bad contractors share similar qualities to authorised contractors because they have to, if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be able to scam anyone. However, even their charismatic nature at the beginning of the job does not follow through. They tend to abandon jobs once they have received their money and get frustrated easily when the money isn’t given quickly. These are just a few things bad things bad contractors let slip. If you want to know more, then look below.


Bad contractors aren’t too keen on a signed contract. A contract is very important for any type of work, for constructing something as little as a window, or big jobs such as conservatories. If a contractor isn’t willing to sign a contract, this means they are not devoted to the work and just plan on taking your money and leaving. A contract is also put in place if a customer wants to cancel, however, if no contract is set, the customer has no power over the scope of work and cannot cancel. However, good contractors would want to write down a contract that clearly marks his roles. Contracts clearly defined what workers are meant to be and are standard practice. If any contractor does not want to provide the contract, then it would be right to suspect them.

Upfront Payments

No eligible contractor would ask for any payments upfront. If you notice any contractor urging you for money before any work is done, then they just want to take your money with no intention of getting the job done. Sometimes they even ask for more money later on in the job, talking about how they have made a mistake in calculation. If your contractor seems to be like this, then you have yourself a bad contractor. Authorised contractors only look for a small deposit and once the job is done, ask for the full payment.

Getting rid of a bad contractor

We don’t just want to help you identify a bad contractor; we also want to give you tips on how to get rid of them. The first thing you should do is to fire them. However, this can be dangerous if gone about the wrong way, some contractors can be aggressive and will try to bully you into taking their services, so try to let them down easy and with as little confrontation as possible. One other thing you could do if you notice fishy behaviour, is to call the police but if your contractor seems really aggressive, you could get a restraining order just to keep yourself safe.
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