Building an Annexe
Homeowners love to increase the value of their homes in 2017. A great way to do that is to invest in constructing a bespoke annexe on your property.For those that aren’t aware of what an annexe is, it is simply a additional building constructed on land that can be rented out privately or let to friends or family members.Most annexe buildings have their own heating systems, double-glazing, washing facilities and sleeping areas.

Contact an Architect:

If you’re going to design an annexe, then you will need to be in touch with a local architect to help you plan, design and eventually build your new building.As well as helping you to physically construct your design, they will also be able to help with planning permission, should it be needed.

Double Glazing Installer:

Any new building needs to be secure and keep heat in. Double glazing wasn’t that important a few years ago, however, more and more builders and homeowners see it as a must have.There are so many options for double glazing in Milton Keynes, so getting the right company to help and advise you is extremely important. They will meet with you to discuss your requirements and make the necessary recommendations for your project and budget.

Central Heating Installers:

Any new annexe needs to have its own central heating system. Without one, the building would be extremely cold in the winter and even during the evenings in the summer months.Book a quote with a local expert for a boiler installation in Milton Keynes. The engineer that arrives on site will advise the type and size of heating system that is best suited to your new annexe.Its best to provide them with as much information as possible before any confirmations are made.
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