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Doors represent the front of your house and can completely change the design and look of your home, a lot of people say how they want to make their house unique and different from any other surrounding them. So we had a look at some of the most unusual door designs from around the world to give you some inspiration to let your creative flare show through the next time your thinking about getting a new front door.

Why Should I Invest In A New Door?

If your home is older and looks a bit timely, then a new front door is the perfect way to spruce it up a bit and update it by a few years. Doors are the things people look at when they arrive at your house, and they can give people an impression on how your house is going to look, and a beautiful front door can show a lot. But if you’re the opposite and want people to think how wonderfully unique your door is, then keep reading because we have some of the most unusual door designs from the furthest corners of the earth for you in this article.

Amber Fort India

This building was built in Jaipur Rajasthan India in the 16th century making it a massive tourist attraction. It was designed by Raja Man Singh, and it is well renown for its unique artistic style combined with Hindu and Rajput elements. One of the most unique and renown doors in this building is called the “Rose Gate”, it is filled with rehearsed rose patterning this door was dedicated and built for the goddess Devi.rose gate at Amber Fort

The Shattered Door

Now a door is meant to be gorgeous and accentuate the features of your home, but not in this case. The shattered door was created by the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich is found in Brazil, this door may just look like a shattered, broken door. However, this door is, in fact, a 2D painting, so typically speaking it isn’t a door it’s a painting, but it was created to challenge our understanding of how things should be.If you’re looking for a unique front door for your home then consider smashing up your own and be unique to your neighbours – if that isn’t the case, then one of our door fitters in Milton Keynes will be more than happy to assist you in finding and fitting you a new front door.

Pantone Swatches Door

This door is actually relatively easy to make at home and is an excellent home accessory if you have children. The original design was created by the Italian artist Armin Blasbichler and was designed with a variety of coloured stained glass fragments; however, the DIY version involves pieces of metallically tinted glass. They’re called diapositive’s like what you used to slide in old projectors, and when stuck to a door they transform to a beautiful array of colours. If desired this design could be carried out home, but you would need access to a camera, a window, glass chips and a photo lab.pantone swatches


By Pamela Henwood, this gorgeous door radiates authenticity with its wooden body and amazingly carved markings. This door is located in Switzerland and would be the masterpiece of any home, it has two giant wooden doors, and its hardwood body makes a sturdy, secure door for any home.

The Jenga Door

Located in San Francisco this door is based on the family game Jenga and it is built from a group of slanted chunks of wood coinciding with each other like a landslide of wooden pallets. It is actually part of somebody’s home for the same reasoning that they wanted an individual unique looking home.

The Door Of Faces

Artist Patricia Sumares best artwork piece is located in Madeira, Portugal and is a door built entirely out of ceramic faces, each different sizes and portraying different facial expressions. It is said that this door was created from back to front and it’s intention was to make passers-by on the street feel like the street, and its city roads belonged to them and were their own. And it is said that as the day goes on and the sun repositions itself, shadows set on the door and makes the artwork look different almost everytime.

The Garden Door

The garden door created by Kazuyuki Ishihara from Japan is a front door made entirely out of plants and greenery, gardens and greenery are highly popular in Japan, but Kazuyuki Ishihara took it to the next level. This door had to made by a real expert and somebody who had a talent and creativity – definitely not something you can learn. But he said he enjoyed being outdoors, and he enjoys everything that is green and part of the environment, so he wanted to corporate it into something that he uses every day. He has also created a series of garden-themed designs such as the green rooftop garden in which he made a roof top themed hideout out of greenery and plants. He said he remembered hiding up there as a child and wanted to recreate the same safe feeling out of plants.


So there you have it, some of the most unique and unusual doors from all corners of the earth. All of them completely unique with reasoning behind them, maybe they aren’t exactly ideal for your home, but they are a good base for inspiration. You do not necessarily have to make a door out of trees or pure gold to make your house unique; you can invest in products such as paint or spray paint that you can use to decorate your home.Try looking online there are so many ideas you could use to make your home personalised and things that can make it stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, if you were just reading this article in interest and are just interested in our services at Click Glazing we offer double glazing in Milton Keynes at amazing prices for all your homely needs. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful, if you liked this article why not share to your friends?
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